"NORSI-TRANS" presents "Vitok-CB" - modular probe for high-speed communication channels.

Full compliance to all requirements of the order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation No 83 of April 16, 2014.

The 12-hour cyclic buffer on traffic up of to 10 Gb/sec in 1U.

Analytics and visualization tools

Intelligent software and hardware systems for data processing, structured data storage creation, search request execution, and information resource management

LI for government security

Software and hardware solutions for detection, monitoring, storage, and analysis all type of information for lawful interception purposes.

Traffic management & monitoring platforms

Traffic processing and control in a communication operator’s network. NanoSwitch with intelligent packet / data flow switching 64x10G nanoSwitch

Data storage systems

Efficient tool data storage systems and retrieval of information in CDR, statistics IPDR.


Innovative company involved in development, production and sale of computer information system for collection, analysis, recording, and processing of telecommunication network data. The Company has been working in this area since 1996 along with a number of leading domestic and foreign vendors, and markets hardware and software systems which ensure completion of tasks faced by telecommunication network systems.

  • 1
    Experienced specialists
    Equipment will be installed and configured by skilled professionals in the shortest possible time
  • 2
    Licensed services
    Our software and hardware systems have all necessary certificates and licenses
  • 3
    High quality equipment
    Only the best domestic and foreign equipment items, as well as own developments
  • 4
    Unique developments
    The Company manufactures products utilizing own software developments
  • 5
    Support services
    The Company provides comprehensive and continuous support for products installed at Customers' facilities
  • 6
    Quality management
    Quality management for a full range of construction and installation services on communication sites

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