• Yakhont-374-IS

    Database information system for surveillance activities corresponding to Clause 2.2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of July 6, 2016 No. 374-FZ, and also Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 27, 2005 No. 538
  • Yakhont-374-Voice

    Technical means for surveillance activities in accordance with Clause 2.2 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of July 6, 2016 No. 374-FZ
  • Vitok-Voice-374

    Modular probe for voice traffic interception for high-speed communication channels
  • Vitok-SIGTRAN

    Decoding SIGTRAN format data streams, coming from telecom operators' switching equipment
  • Vitok-CDR

    Processing system with the set of modules of CDR (Call Detail Record) files decoding
  • Vitok-TEXT

    Special search system in unstructured textual arrays of data
  • Vitok-MONITOR

    System that allows to track any events in real time by any data types
  • Vitok-3X

    Software and hardware system for data processing and visualization
  • Yakhont-BI

    Intelligent software ETL platform to process data and build structured data storages
  • Vitok-FW3 (Firewall)

    Advanced Russian development for network traffic filtering in 1G-10G networks
  • Vitok-L2: Protected LAN

    10G switches on integrated circuits designed by NORSI-TRANS
  • NT-Traffic Management (NTTM)

    Unique solution for hardware classification (DPI) and aggregation of IP traffic
  • 100G Media Converter

    Convert media and data between Ethernet interfaces 100GBASE-LR4 (CFP4), 100GBASE-SR10 (CFP2), 10GBASE (SR)
  • NanoSwitch 64/128 + 2x100G

    Problem solution for high speed DPI-2 managed Ethernet-switching

    Network management system
  • Traffic Generator

    Equipment for load testing of IP network devices
  • NanoSwitch-SDN

    Hardware switching/routing of packages on the basis of SDN rules tables
  • Vitok-FW4

    Filtration of the traffic on the network level in the 10G-40G-100G networks
  • KROZ

    End-to-end solution for telecom operators and Internet service providers networks legality
  • CB 12-1

    Two-socket server supporting up to 12 3.5” HDD cores and 120 TB memory in ultra dense 1U form factor
  • KROZ – URL Blocking

    URL Blocking, full compatibility with Roskomnadzor standards
  • Vitok SMS Antifraud

    System that analyzes signaling traffic in mobile operator networks in real time and prevents SMS fraud
  • Langraf-IP

    Monitoring, filtering and control of the Internet activity in the network
  • Langraf-BIT

    Processing storage and retrospective analysis of the Internet protocol information
  • Network Traffic Analyzer

    System for telecom operator's network monitoring and surveillance, failure tracking and traffic analysis in real time
  • Langraf-С

    Monitoring of data streams of local area network section intended for increase of efficiency of counteraction to internal threats of data privacy
  • Vitok-Aggregator

    Multifunctional platforms intended for use in public communications networks as data packet switching equipment
  • Vitok-IP.MINI

    Interception and monitoring of information on IP-network with load of up to 2 Gbit/sec, including 12-hour cyclic record buffer
  • Compact L7 Network Traffic Analyzer

    Deep analysis of Ethernet traffic of up to 10Gbit/s
  • Vitok-CB

    Modular probe for traffic interception and monitoring for high-speed channels and traffic of up to 10Gbit/s
  • Vitok-83-Imitator

    Carrying out certified tests (factory and linear) of the communication interface and the protocol of data exchange in data transfer channel between LI and MC on network and services
  • Vitok-Defragmentator

    Solution designed for installation in the complex of Internet traffic monitoring and analyzing
  • Vitok-PAD

    Interception and monitoring of IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi) standard wireless connection traffic, designed as a tablet PC based on OS Android
  • Vitok-IP (IPDR)

    Clustered interception system for communications channels with a bandwidth of up to 1000 Gbit/sec
  • Vitok-WiFi

    Collection and analysis of Wi-Fi traffic in wireless networks
  • Yakhont-538-Imitator

    Certification tests of communication interface and information exchange protocol in data transmission channels between Operative Investigative Activities DB IS and Control Panel
  • Yakhont-TLF

    OIA DB IS of realization of the Government Regulation №538 of the Russian Federation for telephone operators
  • Yakhont-S-PD-K

    Collective LI solution for several operators of a data transmission network who don't have opportunity to acquire an LI solution independently
  • Yakhont-MC

    Interaction with OSS/BSS of communication networks and data transmission networks operators
  • Yakhont-S-PD

    Single LI solution for data transmission network operator with his own communication centers
  • Zigfrid

    Series of high-performance systems of graph processing and aggregating databases
  • Vitok-NAT

    Specialized LAN switch, organizing probe points and anti-NAT solution for realization of LI functions on small data transmission nodes
  • Yakhont-DT-ATH

    Cost-effective LI solution for small nodes with load of up to 1 Gbit/sec
  • Yakhont-R

    Operative Investigative Activities technical means of interaction with information systems and resources of organizers of information dissemination
  • Panther-CB

    High density load server, based on high-performance ASUS server motherboard
  • Anti-NAT

    Processing the information about communication services provided to subscribers
  • Vitok-CLUSTER

    NoSQL database intended for specialized processing of the information coming from high-speed communication channels
  • Yakhont-SHD

    System for high-performance upload and accumulation of CDR/IPDR data arrays, and for their processing
  • Yakhont

    System to access information about subscribers and communication services rendered to them.
  • Protocol converter 70-268

    Protocol converter 70-268
  • Vitok-IMS

    Monitoring of the telecommunication network, supporting the IMS architecture
  • Vitok-TAP-8E1

    Non-intrusive signal tap for E1 streams
  • Vitok-E1-Imitator

    Conducting the certification tests (factory and linear) of the communication and exchange of information interface in the channels of data transmission between LI and Control Panel on telephone stations
  • Vitok-IPTel

    Interception and monitoring of VoIP-telephony
  • Vitok-SDH

    Telephony interception and monitoring on the communication network supporting SDH architecture
  • Vitok-Е1

    Telephony interception and monitoring in digital communication lines of E1/G.703 and PDH standard
  • Vitok-Concentrator

    Hub for probe devices Vitok-SDH, Vitok-E1, Vitok-IPTel for communication and transfer of control data to Control Panel
  • Vitok-HUB

    Information exchange between (X) LI systems and (Y) CP (Control Panel)
  • Vitok-OSINT

    Search in open sources, developing relationships between key concepts, and display of the constructed relationships between objects