"NT-NV" – unidirectional gateway for IP networks, intended for automatic 24-hour one-way data transmission between local computer networks.

Application area – data (file) transfer from a computer operating in one computer network (LAN1) to a computer operating in another computer network (LAN2), provided there is hardware blocking of any reverse data transmission, i.e. from LAN2 to LAN1 (administrative division of two networks into “open” and “closed”, data backup etc.).


  • One-way data transfer rate — 10-100Mbit/s, set programmatically;
  • Data transmission medium – simplex fiber optic cable;
  • Transmitted data control: dual, CRC32 and CRC8;
  • Data transmission process start modes: manual, scheduled, upon receipt of new data;
  • File transfer modes – copying, moving;
  • Data transfer correctness control: automatic, manually verified by operators;
  • Full control of the data transfer process.